Set the standard


Go Beyond


Nonprofit fundraising professionals love their jobs. Their passion for mission plays an indispensable role in organizational success. But they also face unique challenges in their daily work on frontlines.


Fundraising professionals interact with external partners and donors in a variety of settings, often outside of the office or normal office hours.


In order to support your fundraising staff, have you:

  Conducted legal compliance training across your organization?

Established organizational procedures for how to report inappropriate behavior?


Then you’re ready to take the next step to elevate your organizational culture.




Legal compliance training is a critical first step in protecting employees from harassment, but it doesn’t stop there.


The EEOC strongly suggests that deliberately creating a culture of safety is imperative to mitigating problems before they start. To prevent harassment and bullying, you need a culture that interrupts it.


That’s where Culture Beyond Compliance comes in. Our actionable and inclusive process helps you create a culture that goes beyond compliance to create a stronger organization and an empowered workforce.