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Why we're here

What if you could interrupt inappropriate behavior before it puts
your staff and organization at risk?

Fundraisers universally love their jobs, and yet, even at the most loved organizations, they are still at risk for harassment in the workplace. Research shows that compliance training is not enough to prevent workplace harassment.

Compliance training and organizational procedures are reactive, responding to a situation that has already occurred. These structures are also reliant on reporting for the issue to be resolved. Many employees don’t feel comfortable reporting inappropriate behavior, which puts employees and the organization at risk:

Productivity goes down. 

Morale is depleted.

Staff turnover increases.


In fact, the average cost of employee turnover is 16-20% of an employee's salary.  


The Culture Beyond Compliance approach targets the root cause of harassment, interrupting problematic behavior and providing tools to solve situations as they happen -- ultimately curtailing incidents before they escalate. 


The time and money lost to staff turnover could be used to fulfill an organization’s important purpose and build a culture that reflects the passion of its employees.

It’s time to elevate your culture beyond compliance.

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