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Culture Beyond Compliance gives your organization a roadmap to create a safer and more productive work environment, building a culture of trust and increasing accountability. While harassment is a serious and difficult subject, Culture Beyond Compliance training is designed to be interactive and engaging for all staff, regardless of position or department.

“Loved the positivity, fun, and energy—especially given the subject matter!”

CBC Training Attendee

We start with focus groups with fundraising staff and 1:1 interviews with the leadership team to understand your organization’s specific challenges. Then we tailor an assessment that highlights potential overlap and disconnect between your leadership team and fundraising staff. With a complete understanding of your organization’s landscape, we customize your training program with the goal of creating long-lasting, systemic change.


Based on extensive workplace safety research, Culture Beyond Compliance training identifies specific actions that warrant mitigation and reporting and help your staff develop a code of conduct to address these issues. After working with Culture Beyond Compliance, your staff will have the tools they need to set boundaries, handle difficult conversations, and interrupt inappropriate behavior.

Here are just a few reasons to choose Culture Beyond Compliance.

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